Slide Transforming Lives Restoring Families Impacting the Community The Program that is biblically,
word-based will transform our client’s thinking,
belief system and behaviour,
through loving them into wholeness.
Love, Grace, Unity, Integrity,
Accountability (To be accountable and transparent
towards the program, my family and my community.),
Exellence, Respect and Servant-hood.

To provide high-quality treatment and restoration facilities that enable the successful re-integration
of recovered addicts as model individuals, back into the family, business and general society.
In this way, together with the carefully planned process, this intervention program is intended to be used
on a holistic and large scale platform so that the impact of this process can be seen to benefit the wider community
and allow a much more intensive and focused multi-approach by involving and re-integrating the client,
family and social community into the solution process